Quality Assurance Inspections

  • API 686 Machinery Installation Inspections
  • API 610 , API 674, API 676 Pumps
  • API 617 , API 672 Axial, Integrally Geared and Centrifugal compressors
  • API 618, API 619 Reciprocating and Rotary Compressors
  • API 611, API 612, API 616 General and Special Purpose Turbines
  • API 614, API 692 Lubrication, Shaft Sealing and Dry Gas Sealing Systems
  • API 670 Machinery Protection Systems
  • API 681 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
  • API 613, API 677 General and Special Purpose Gear Units
  • API 671 Special purpose couplings
  • API 687 Rotor Inspections
  • ANSI HI 14.6 Performance Acceptance Testing
  • SNT-TC-1A Review Documentation During Projects of Personnel Qualifications and Certifications of Nondestructive Testing
  • ASME Review Documentation During Projects of Positive Material Identification reports, CMTR’s, Nondestructive Examination Reports, Welding Procedures used and Welder Qualifications
  • SSPC-1 Review Methods of Cleaning and Surface Preparations

Quality Surveillance

  • Third Party Rotating Equipment Inspections for EPC’s / Asset Owners
  • Witness Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT Test)
  • Witness Mechanical Run Testing
  • Shop support for overhauls or repairs
  • Field support on new equipment installations
  • Field support for overhauls or repairs
  • Shop support for new purchased equipment inspections
  • Bad Actor Assessments
  • Rotating Equipment Shut Down and Start Up Support for Critical and General Purpose Machinery
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • API 570 Piping inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • API Source Inspector Rotating Equipment (SIRE)


Auditing can cover many different areas of concern. Here are a few suggestions based on learning from incidents.

  • Warehouse spare parts inventories
  • Preservation of equipment
  • Pre-kickoff meeting audits
  • Vetting
  • Maintenance quality
  • Operations quality
  • Vendor quality
  • Spare Rotor Audits
  • Kit Box Audits

Rotating Equipment Assessments

We are here to help. Our specialist are selected by knowledge and experience that have proven skills in troubleshooting, condition monitoring, commissioning and making quality assessments of rotating equipment. Their skills bring value to;

  • Routine pro-active monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Start up support where resources are limited
  • Helping with identifying issues with bad actors.
  • Staff Mentoring & Training

Commissioning support

  • Emergency support 24 / 7
  • Working through bad actors
  • Review and/or Work processes
  • Preventative maintenance reviews
  • Commissioning support
  • Condition monitoring and field surveillance
  • Assist in building Inspection test plans (ITP’s) for projects, emergency repairs or specific equipment.
  • Project Management
  • Develop work Scopes
  • Troubleshooting Equipment and Systems
  • Turnarounds and outages support
  • Procedure reviews
  • Provide RCA support / Investigations
  • Design reviews
  • Warehouse PM’s
  • Provide relief with temporary backfill when you are short-staffed
  • Kit Boxing for Critical Spare Parts and Tooling
  • Review and/or Develop Procedures
  • Planning Support
  • Provide and or Develope Specific Inspection Forms

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