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These days, finding a reliable quality assurance inspection company is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some of them are not aware of what they’re doing, while others are big on making empty promises. But that’s where Rotating Equipment Inspection and Services (REI Services) stands out. We’re a third-party entity that primarily focuses on offering a comprehensive inspection rotating service for rotating equipment in the oil, gas, chemical, and energy industries.

We’ve reached such an esteemed position in the industry because of our skilled team members. For them, no job is too small or too big. They have decades of hands-on experience in ensuring that all newly purchased rotating equipment complies with customers’ specifications and international standards. We pride ourselves on being a quality assurance inspection company that focuses on meeting your needs above everything else.


To Provide Quality Assurance Inspection

We want to become the leading quality assurance inspection company. One that offers a wide range of inspection services for rotating equipment in the oil, energy, chemical, and gas industry.



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